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Friday, February 13, 2009

For every nanny-state abiding, dial 911 and wait for the police, turn the other cheek, "the disadvantaged just need our help" gun fearing liberal-

You need to go and read Sword and Tome by Dave Kopel. Right now.

I'll wait.

Back already? Now you understand what I believe. Those reasons so clearly spelled out by Mr. Kopel are the reasons I carry a handgun. Those are the reasons I am stridently opposed to any politician- from our president, Barry, and his minions, Chuckie Shumer, Diane Feinstein, John F'n Kerry, mayor Bloomberg from New York and the the Brady Bunch. All of those people have forgotten that the right to defend oneself trancends government and government's man-made laws.

I'm adding a link in my sidebar to this valuable article so that it can be a constant reminder to me and to anyone that stops by this humble spot on the internet that self-protection is not just a luxury afforded to a few but instead is the right of every person.

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